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As our Planet and the Human Race continue to navigate through

the COVID-19 Pandemic, here will be your safe access portal to peace, sanity, grounding and loving support 

Video Classes

Mon 23rd March                    Kundalini Yoga with Hari Karan           6pm
Wed 25th March                    Yoga Flow with Gina                             10am
Wed 25th March                     Tai Chi Flow with Lora Nava          10am
Wed 25th March                    Kundalini Yoga with Hari Karan           6pm
Fri 5th June                    Strawberry Fully Moon Eclipse with Gong Vibrations            7pm
Sat 20th June                   Summer Solstice Eclipse Meditation             7pm
                                            Meditation for Healing Ancestral Karma 
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Best Listened with Head Phones