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at the

96 Mandala Road, Des Moines

NM 88418

August 9th - 11th, 2019

Three days filled with guided painting, sacred sound immersion, early morning sadhana, yoga flow, breath walk meditation, hiking, massage nourishing meals and much much more. 

The Venue

The Mandala Center is located at 96 Mandala Road in Des Moines NM 88418.

It is a quiet and intimate retreat center offering accommodation for up to 24 persons in double room occupancy. Each room, though shared, has its own private bath.

Retreat organizers will be available to make your stay

as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Offerings & Guides

Jennifer Allen - Igniting Healing Power 

Jennifer teaches alignment based yoga with an emphasis on finding ease in the body.  Yoga practitioner since 1993, she is RTY certified with her first 200 hour training from Naime Jezzney and Noah Maze in 2004 and then her second 200 hour training from Cheryl Walters in 2011. She discovered Ayurveda in 2013 and since then her studies has been influenced by John Douillard, Sara Hutchinson and Cate Stillman.  Her teaching and coaching style combines her love of yoga, Ayurveda and nature to help others align their physical bodies, their daily rhythms and their seasonal cycles. 

* Jennifer will also be facilitating private consultations and small group hikes which you can sign up when you arrive.

Patrizia DaMilano (Hari Raj Kaur) - Gong Puja

Patrizia was native born to Milan, Italy and is a Healer and Artist that no doubt lives up to her spiritual name.  She fiercely and courageously brings all of her talents to the table, fueled with passion and the best intentions for the world around her and all those she encounters.  She now lives in Santa Fe and as a light healer has studies an array of modalities: Metis Medicine Way; Kundalini Yoga; Gong Sound Therapy; Purusharta Coaching; Reiki Healing; Light Energy Healing and Shamanic Visionary Art.  Patrizia will be guiding our Friday night Gong Puja so you can experience bliss and healing from the Full Moon in Capricorn.

Loretta Butler - Reiki Healing

Loretta is a retired Registered Nurse who manages her family's ranch in Colfax County since 2012.  When not involved in Ranch matters, she loves and practices Reiki. She became interested in healing with energy after taking a Theraputic Touch class in 1991. Through classes given by Janet Metgen, RN, she became a certified Healing Touch Practitioner in 1997.  Reiki began to call to her soon after and she took Reiki I & II in 2000, Advanced Reiki Training (ART)/ Reiki Master in 2002 and finally Karuna Reiki Master Class in 2007.  In 2014, Loretta received the Holy Fire energy in another ART/Reiki Master training and upgraded to Holy Fire II in 2016.  Loretta is looking forward to having her experienced and powerful Reiki sessions available for you to book. 

Ryan Gilmartin - Journey Dancing

Step into Power and Re-discover Your Infinite Light

Ryan became a caged bird set free during his first Journey Dance.  After his first class, he found himself in a teacher training class the very next week.  Even more out of character, he travelled across the country to pursue the next level of training just one month later.  Since then, he leads weekly classes, workshops and special events.  His training has been supplemented with other movement practices such as Soul Motion, Rhythm Sanctuary and Yoga.  He currently works as a Real Estate Broker and is creating the Pintorarium Art Lab in Trinidad CO.

Our Journey Dancing will take place at the National Monument Capulin Volcano at Sunset.

Milcah Hawk (Sukh Nidhaan Kaur)

Milcah began her yoga journey in the 90's with Senior Iyengar Yoga teachers like George Purvis, Mary Dunn and Dean Learner.  In 2003, Milcah had heart surgery and needed something more.  In 2006, she found Kundalini Yoga to be the Yoga of the Heart!  In 2013 she finished her Kundalini Yoga Level 1 Teacher Training and will be completing her Level 2 certifications soon.  Immersion into the healing ways of the heart in the physical, emotional and etheric realms has become her passion! Reflection, Resilience, Relationship.

Milcah and Colette partnered with each other to bring life to this event. They will be assisting as players for the Gong Puja, leading early morning Sadhana and guiding the Kundalini Yoga portion of the event with their class - "Break The Shackles of Your Past"

Lora Nava - Sacred Clay: Honoring The Mother

Lora is a ceramicist dream chaser and yoga instructor who resides in Trinidad, CO.  Her sculptures and pottery can be seen at the Corazon COOP Gallery on Main Street in Trinidad.  Lora offers private sculpture and pottery instruction at her studio.  She has been a yoga teacher at Hot Yoga On Main since 2013.  She currently teaches a Warm and Gentle yoga exploration class twice a week, a Tai Chi/Yoga Flow class and travels to Walsenburg weekly to teach at The Sangre De Cristo Woman's Outreach Clinic.

Lora will guide you through Sacred Clay where you will learn basic clay working techniques and construct a figure of a "goddess" representation of your own intention and vibration of the moment.  Your Goddess will be taken home with you as a remembrance of your experience and a ceremonial object.

Jessica McCorkle - Go Within and Ignite the Flame

Jessica discovered yoga in the mid 90's and in 2009, she attended a deeply spiritual 200hour YA certified teacher training program at Eternal Health Yoga in Louisville, KY.  She learned how to teach asanas as well as how to live a yogic lifestyle.  She is a dedicated teacher and student; eager to share her knowledge of finding inner peace, self-awareness and compassion for ourselves and all beings.  She teaches students how to carry what is learned on the mat out into the world. Currently teaching at Hot Yoga On Main in Trinidad CO, Jessica guides weekly classes in Yin, Yoga Nidra, Vinyasa and Meditation.   Jessica will be guiding you through the deeply relaxing, meditative practice of Yin Yoga.

Colette Mee Chong-Armijo (Hari Karan Kaur)

Colette has been a yoga practitioner since the early 2000's but only stumbled upon Kundalini Yoga in 2010. Born and raised on the Caribbean twin island Trinidad & Tobago, when she immigrated to USA in 2013, and followed her life's purpose to become a 200hour KRI certified Level 1 Teacher in 2015. She is the owner of Infinite Potential Raton Yoga which she began very soon after becoming certified and she teaches many weekly classes in this cozy community. Colette also teaches weekly at Hot Yoga On Main in Trinidad CO all while juggling the demands of her full time job, being a wife and a mother. She believes that in keeping up she is kept up and therefore relies heavily on her own disciplined practice. She is currently pursuing her 300hour KRI certified Level 2 Teacher Training. 

Milcah and Colette partnered with each other to bring life to this event. They will be assisting as players for the Gong Puja, leading early morning Sadhana and guiding the Kundalini Yoga portion of the event with their class - "Break The Shackles of Your Past"

Doris Noard - OM RUM RAMAYA (All Renewal Occurs in the Now)

After practicing various styles of yoga for 20 year, Doris completed Hot Yoga On Main's Lead Gracefully Teacher Training in 2015.  She specializes in teaching Aqua yoga, Restorative yoga and Hot Yoga.  She keeps her teachings fresh by seeking to continue her education with Tias Little, Desiree Rumbaugh, Judith Hanson Lasater, Priti Chanda Kico, as well a through Yoga Journal Conferences and various workshops.  For Doris, yoga brings balance to life in an ever changing world.  Doris belongs to the wonderful community of yoga teachers at Hot Yoga On Main in Trinidad CO.  She lives on the outskirts of Trinidad CO among beautiful mountain scenery with her husband, dogs and cats.  Doris will be your guide through Restorative Yoga which will offer the body a chance to rest and deeply revitalize. 

Gina Ojeda - Massage Therapy

Gina is a licensed massage therapist and the Owner of Body Bliss Massage. She manages Hot Yoga on Main in Trinidad CO and is an inspired yoga instructor who is passionate about living her life's purpose to be of service to others and is honored to share her love of healing through massage and yoga. She is dedicated to empowering, inspiring and raising the consciousnesses of humanity. 

Gina is looking forward to having the perfect massage available for you to book during your time at our event. 

Jenny Parten - Are You Among The Living?

Jenny has been pursuing education in holistic modalities since 2012.  She practices and teaches Shamanism, is a Reiki Master, is certified in Acutonics II and is a 200 hour certified yoga teacher. In 2017, Jenny received her Teacher Training certification through Hot Yoga On Main's Lead Gracefully Program.  Jenny teaches an eclectic style of yoga which is influenced by her background as a Medicine Woman and centered around Vinyasa flow.  She is passionate about helping you to remember who you are and your true essence.  Jenny encourages you to practice brave vulnerability and radical authenticity in order to fully engage your life.  Jenny is the owner of Ritual Room Yoga & Holistics in Trinidad, CO where she teaches yoga regularly and offers Shamanic Reiki, Holistic Facials and Acutonics Treatments.

Darby Shier - Protect and Serve

Yoga for the Modern Light Worker

Darby Blue Shier is a student and teacher of A Course in Miracles.  She believes yoga should be accessible to everyone and has made it her mission to hold space for helping professionals and individuals who might not have access to yoga.  Darby has been teaching since 2010 and now serves as a lead instructor for the 200 Hour Lead Gracefully Yoga Teacher Training at Hot Yoga On Main in Trinidad CO.  Additionally, she works as an educational consultant for implementing yoga and mindfulness in schools. Darby will lovingly guide you through a practice with gentle adjustments, massage and affirmations to leave you feeling invigorated and inspired to create and serve. 

Ivory Raye, ND - Homeopathic Healing for Emotional Support 

Ivory Raye is a Board Certified and Registered Naturopathic Doctor in the State of Colorado.  Her passion is to hold space, educate and assist in individual and group healing.  She prides herself on creating a safe and authentic environment where people feel heard and understood and where the deepest levels of healing can occur.  She understands that addressing the  physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the individual is key for transformation and health.  During her individual and group sessions, Dr. Ivory teaches and empowers each person so that they can choose a powerful and vibrant life. 

* Dr. Ivory  will also be facilitating private consultations which you can sign up when you arrive.

Whitney Rehr (Prabhu Kaur) - Live Music

Prabhu Kaur has been practicing Kundalini yoga for over a decade. Having practiced many styles of yoga for years prior, it has been Kundalini yoga that has offered the most potent and palpable transformative experience. She studied and became a certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor in majestic Crestone, Colorado, at the Crestone Healing Arts Center. A philanthropist at heart and professionally, she is ever inspired to share the teachings with factions of her community that may not routinely have exposure to such a deep and healing yoga experience.  A teacher of Spanish and Music, Prabhu feels blessed to be able to merge her talents and teach in diverse educational or therapeutic forums, with students of any age or walk of life. Prabhu lives in Denver and travels the world with her family whenever possible to teach and practice Kundalini yoga, make music and offer pathways into the realms self-discovery and Love.

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